How I teach jessica and Christian to read at age of three and four. 

As a mother of two it is hard being a mother with the need of constant lookout and with the father always at work, I have to do things on my own.  Now my child nearing  pre-school all I want for them is to be ready, especially reading.

When it comes to my children it's all hands on, I don't rely on a nanny or a tutor. When I started teaching my kids to read, I don't know where to start, so I search the internet for EONS! and I'm glad I found one, It's ReadingHeadStart, it was 40 weeks program and it was worth every penny and most importantly the kids love it.

As of writing this blog jessica and christian is still at week 35 and my god they know their words.  

As of now they're starting to read books their  favorite are "The BFG by Roald Dahl "   and 
"The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum and Libby Hamilton"

They  may need help then and there but I am so glad they're fond of reading sometimes they would snuck out in the middle of the night reading and being caught red handed telling me they can't sleep cause they want to know what happend to the main characthers, how cute is that?

Anyway the program really helps me and the children and I hope it would help you too, the program is very unique and it has 3 different plans one is the $1/ Trial, $197/annual and my favorite plan was "The lifetime $297" I chose this plan thingking maybe in the future we will have more kids and I could put them in the same program.

The program also had writing program which I have yet to try.


Christian and Jessica's favorite books